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Sauerkraut, Rasta

Ingredients: Cabbage *, carrot *, kale *, Panamanian chili *, turmeric *, oregano *, thyme *, sea salt, coconut oil *.

* Without pesticides.


Raw, fermented and made with delicious and nutritious ingredients!

Consuming fermented vegetables is one of the best ways to consume probiotics, to complement your diet and help you have a strong and healthy digestive and immune system.


Fermented vegetables are also a way to expand cultural boundaries and your palate.


Inspired by the experiments of renowned fermented food promoter Sandor Ellix Katz, and in honor of Bob Marley, we created this original recipe, which is a fusion between sauerkraut and kimchi, with a Caribbean touch and moderately spicy. In short, this recipe will make you vibrate with its explosion of flavor and energy.


Sauerkraut, Rasta

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  • Yamashita Products

    Yamashita has bet on learning from tradition and innovating in the manufacture of fermented foods, since 2012 it offers the Costa Rican market healthy products that:

    - They support organic and sustainable production (therefore, the preservation of the natural environment and human health).

    -They positively complement people's diet.

    - They enrich the culinary culture of the country.

    The ingredients we use are free of pesticides, produced in our orchard and by suppliers throughout the country, only the apple comes from sustainable cultivation, we also use Guanacastecan sea salt.