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Price per bottle 110 ml.

Known as the "queen of probiotics," we make a handmade miso made in the traditional and ancestral way of Japan. Given the difficulty of finding organically grown soybeans, we have explored and produced miso using different types of organic and local beans such as rabiza beans, red beans or “Azuki” beans.


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    Miso is known for its incredible benefits, such as helping to reduce the risk of cancer, strengthening the immune system, bone health and the nervous system.

    Enjoy our miso in a traditional miso soup (or practically any soup!) As a “dip” to eat with carrot, cucumber or celery sticks, to prepare salad dressings, marinate fish or chicken and for what your creativity e Intuition suggest.

ENRAIZADAS. Productos orgánicos y campesinos. Alajuela, CR.

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