Enraizadas Policies

  •  Sustainability is the foundation of our labor.

  • All our products are 100% natural (without agrochemicals or poisons).

  • We believe in fair prices for both producers and consumers.

  • All our products are of excellent quality.

  • Zero packagings (with some necessary exceptions).

  • We work only with small and medium farmers. We do not believe in mass production, nor in monocultures.

- Supporting National Economy -

Cosecha de brócoli

About us

We are farmers and agricultural families who have come together to be part of the
change for Costa Rica, focusing on several areas.

   The first is to provide food grown and harvested in a completely natural way, free
of agrochemicals. This is fundamental for good nutrition and is necessary for
maintaining good health.

Imagine how much money could be saved on prescription drugs!


       In the same way, we are concerned for the health of our land in Costa Rica. That is
why we only use environmentally responsible practices, not only because it is our
duty to all future generations, but also because of the love we have for this land
where we were born.

Love runs through our roots!

        Buying from local producers allows for the preservation of heirloom seeds that
have been used for generations. They are the most adapted to our conditions and
permit the food sovereignty of our country. You also benefit as a consumer, since
they ensure you will get more natural and healthy products.

Yes to free and national seeds!

     Each time you buy one of our products, you are collaborating with the local

Let's support good quality products!